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Wilburton - Robbers Cave State Park

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Robbers Cave State Park is located in the scenic, hilly woodlands of the Sans Bois Mountains of southeast Oklahoma. This park is a favorite of rappellers, equestrians, hikers and outdoor lovers.  The park and adjoining wildlife management area offers acres of discovery and enjoyment including trout fishing in season, hunting, miles of hiking and equestrian trails, rugged cliffs for climbing and fall foliage viewing. Robbers Cave also enjoys notoriety as a former hideout for outlaws Jesse James and Belle Starr.

Robbers Cave State Park is a 8,246-acre park with 189 combined lake acres with Lake Carlton, Lake Wayne Wallace and Coon Creek. Take a horseback ride along scenic bluffs, enjoy excellent fishing opportunities for trout, perch, bass and catfish, or hike to the famous outlaw cave hidden in the formation of sandstone hills and cliffs that range from 300 to 1,500-ft in height.


Mike Gardner

Sunday, March 18, 2018
This is a great place to visit and wander around. Lots of trails and lots of rocks to climb on. The parking lot can get really crowded necessitating parking down the hill and walking up. If you plan to camp, be sure to check out the options. Reservations for those areas can go fast, and the first come first served might have the less desirable sites left so do that first. There's a section for horses (corrals) and miles of hoof friendly trails. Dogs are allowed but please pick up after your dog. Nobody wants to see dog poop or step in it.

Vickie Derryberry

Sunday, April 15, 2018
It is a great place. There is all kinds of activities for adults and children alike. There is cabins, yurts, covered wagon, nature center, pool, snow cones, miniature golf. There is there lakes here. The Cave to explore. There is even an ATV park. Tons of hiking trails. And lots more to do.Just come and explore Robbers Cave State Park!!!!

Jonathan Pilgrim

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
One thing Oklahoma does very well is their State Parks. Many of them are as good or better than National Parks. Robbers Cave is one of these great out of the way locations with a lot of history and beautiful views. Just over an hour south of Tulsa, Robbers Cave used to be a hide out for outlaws deep in Indian Country in the late 19th century. Many people have heard stories of Fort Smith Ar. and hanging Judge Issac Parker. True Grits Marshal Rooster Cogburn traveled in this country to bring in the outlaws hiding in the territory. In those days, there were no trees, and you could see "the law" coming for miles and make your escape. Great American History, Wild West Adventure, beautiful vistas and trails that go on forever with easy climbs and spelunking await visitors here. They have RV spots, cabin rentals and the Bell Star Lodge with motel style rooms. They also rent golf carts if you like. What a great way to spend a weekend or a week outdoors.

Caleb Tincher

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
(DO NOT take a wrong turn. I was on a rocky road for 30 minutes because I didn't read the signs. All of the public roads are paved.) Great place, good history behind it. Fun to climb stuff.

Collette Smith

Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018
It was so beautiful here. My mother, my 6 year old daughter and myself had an amazing time. Drove from Oklahoma City to come see where my grandparents had spent there honeymoon back in the 1960's. We had so much fun hiking and climbing around the cave area. Staff was great and very willing to help us with any questions.

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Robbers Cave State Park and Lodge
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