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EduRec Youth and Family Fun Center

5424 North Madison Avenue

EduRec is the vision and passion of Pastor Melvin Cooper, leader of World Won for Christ Family Life Ministries (located at 36th Street North in Tulsa). Around five years ago he was drawn to have an establishment in north Tulsa where children and their families could come for clean, family fun at a low cost. His true goal was to incent Tulsa youth with improving their school performance and GPA in exchange for free entrance to the facility and/or free play. Throughout the years, with the help of generous donations and various facility closure auctions around Tulsa, he was able to bring his dream to fruition piece by piece. "After years of blood, sweat, and prayers, we are truly blessed to be able to share this facility with the public. We hope it will help families, strengthen the community, and teach children that if you work hard, you get to play hard!" says Cooper.

North Tulsa will now have a fun, safe, youth and family fun center featuring a video arcade, billiards, great food vendors, a fitness center, party room rentals, two outdoor play areas, a computer lab and later in the year, miniature golf, bumper cars, batting cages and much more. EduRec is housed in a massive 53,000 square foot facility on 15 acres of land at 5424 N. Madison Ave (previously the YWCA Day Care center and Wiley Post School).

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