10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Oklahoma

Many new and transitioning vegans worry that their only way to get reliable vegan food is to cook every meal at home. Fortunately, that isn’t the case as long as you choose your restaurants wisely. Take a look at these top vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Oklahoma.

The Loaded Bowl, Oklahoma City, OK

Who doesn’t love some great comfort food every so often? While comfort food isn’t known for being vegan-friendly, it is at The Loaded Bowl. Check out this Oklahoma City vegan eatery to find out why its original food truck was so popular that it expanded to need a brick and mortar location too.

The Beet Box, Warr Acres, OK

You can rest assured that when you dine at The Beet Box in Warr Acres, you won’t be at war with your conscience. Be sure to try its nationally award-winning chickless sandwich and explore the rest of its plant-based menu.

Cafè420, Oklahoma City, OK

Café420 is all about re-establishing balance in your body and your life. Head into this Oklahoma City restaurant for a broad selection of alkaline vegan dishes that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

The Vegancy, Various Locations, OK

The Vegancy is a rare restaurant that’s so good it can’t stay in one place too long. This pop-up vegan restaurant specializes in vegan seafood that your palette is sure to love, no matter where in Oklahoma it appears next.

SLAPS, Tulsa, OK

As the younger generations would say, the food at this Tulsa spot slaps (in other words, it’s fantastic). Taste it all with this restaurant’s abundant selection of vegan soul food.

Nabati, Oklahoma City, OK

Nabati is one of those restaurants where you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu…it’s all vegan and it’s all delicious. Its vegan pizzas are legendary, and so are its sandwiches, platters, and salads.

The Healthy Hippie Cafe, Medicine Park, OK

The Healthy Hippie Cafe wants to help you restore health and revitalization to your body and soul, and it does it all with simply great food. Check it out for favorites like plant-based pancakes and vegan french toast.

Veggies Health Food Center and Cafe, Ardmore, OK

Veggies Health Center and Cafe has everything you need to live a healthier, more Earth-friendly lifestyle. Want freshly prepared vegan foods? Head to the cafe. Want ingredients to make your favorites at home? Pick up everything you need at its healthy market.

Chimera Cafe, Tulsa, OK

Chimera Cafe is one of Tulsa’s go-to eco-friendly cafes. Try vegan favorites like the super veggie wrap with cashew provolone or the twinster’s vegan.

ZAIQA Restaurant, Lawton, OK

Everyone in Lawton knows that when you go to ZAIQA, you’re in for a treat. That’s true if you're vegan too, with an abundance of vegan selections and accommodations.

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