15 of the Best Activities for College Students in Oklahoma!

From gallery walks, to volunteer opportunities, to some of the most thrilling sporting events in the country, Oklahoma knows how to keep college students excited about their campus and surrounding community. If you’re bored as a college student, you’re not doing it right! Get out and explore these 15 great activities for college students in the Sooner State.  

1. Lyric Theater, Oklahoma City, OK

Ballet, opera and theater are great ways to really enjoy art. It can be transformative to attend a production of live actors. You might be a college student with a budget, but practically every theater requires volunteers. At Lyric Theater, ushers are allowed to watch the production. You should be able to find a local group on campus or in your community to be able to experience stage in a way you never expected.

2. PAAS Vinita, Vinita, OK

PAAS is just one of many no-kill shelters in our state that needs volunteers to continue their mission. If you miss seeing your pet all the time, but can’t have on in the dorm, help out at your local shelter. Do it for fun, not because you’re looking to pad your resume. Consider that a bonus. 

3. Volunteering in the community

Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Meals on Wheels and many other local groups need active participants to help provide services. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to work with a vulnerable population that counts on you. You can make a small commitment of just two or three hours and feel like you’re doing good. More importantly, you’ll meet people, work on your own social skills and learn more about yourself. 

4. Attend a sporting event

Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma University might be top-ranked teams that are great to watch, but most colleges have a sports team that they’re proud of. Support the local athletes and just have fun with your friends. Many colleges offer intramural sports, which are still as competitive as varsity sports, but not as high profile. You could even get involved in a spirit organization that lets you be part of a team and improve social skills. 

5. Eskimo Joe’s, Stillwater, OK

For more than 40 years, Eskimo Joe’s has been the best post-game hangout for OSU students. At least once in your college career, you should get to this venue. 

6. Sheerar Museum, Stillwater, OK

When you have some time without homework, get to local museum to find out more about the area. A lot of the smaller museums have free admission or discounts for college students. Take advantage of those prices while you can. 

7. First Friday Gallery Walk, Paseo District, Oklahoma City, OK

If you’re looking for a cheap date that gives you time to get to know someone, the First Friday Gallery Walk is a nice way to explore the art galleries in the Paseo. Most shops are open and many of the galleries offer hors d'oeuvres and drinks. Along the route, you’ll find a lot of local musicians. Not in Oklahoma City? Look for local art galleries in your town that are having an open showcase. 

8. Lake Thunderbird State Park

If you’re going to school in Norman, take a group of friends out to Lake Thunderbird for a weekend to get away from books, internet and professors. Borrow the family camping equipment and a fishing pole. Tent sites are generally under $10 per night. 

9. Get involved in campus government

Every college has a student government association. Students are typically elected by other students and address concerns on campus and enhance the student experience both on and off campus. Student representatives work alongside the university administration to plan, organize and execute solutions to the concerns of the students. You need to get involved early to watch for election dates. P.S: This looks great on resumes, too. 

10. Internships

Internships might sound a lot like having a job, but they can be great way to get your foot in the door in an industry. Some internships, such as ones with media organizations, can be competitive and have early application dates. You may even be able to arrange college credit for an internship. Rather than spending time in the classroom, you get real-life experience. 

11. Professional and academic organizations

Join one of the dozens of college clubs that offer activities and opportunities for professional development. With Lions Club Campus, you can make community connections, find volunteer opportunities and be part of something bigger, and you get discounted membership dues while you’re in college. You never know who you’ll meet when you come out to one of these meetings.  

12. Greek Life

Many movies portray Greek life on campus as a bacchanalia, but the reality is that you get a lot of benefits from being in a sorority or fraternity, such as academic assistance, leadership, community involvement and lifetime friendships. 

13. Politics or social activism

Even though your college might have a Republican or Democrat organization, you can reach out in your community to learn more about our political system. Both parties offer internships at a state level. You’ll meet people, help with grassroots organizing and get valuable experience. If you’re interested in a specific area, such as animal rights or breast cancer, look for a local organization that educates and advocates for your passion. 

14. Academic teams or debate

If trivia or information is more your thing than sports, you can still be part of a team. Look for an academic quiz team on your college or for a debate club. You don’t have to be going into the law or politics to appreciate the skills you learn in debate. 

15. Wizard’s Asylum and Tulsa Chautauqua

If you go to college in Norman, Wizard’s Asylum offers tabletop/board gaming every Thursday night, but your community may have a local shop that provides this service. Check with a comic store or at the community center. Civil War and history reenactments are another popular activity in Oklahoma. Tulsa Chautauqua brings history alive through performers who act of the life and words of people in history. There are many smaller groups throughout the state. 

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