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Roger Miller Museum

Roger Miller Museum
Corner of Roger Miller Blvd / Sheb Wooley Ave

The objective of the ROGER MILLER MUSEUM is to collect, preserve, and exhibit memorabilia and artifacts celebrating the life and accomplishments of Roger Miller. The museum, including its exhibits, publications and website center, is available to the general public to promote good will, cultural tourism and music appreciation, not only in the City of Erick and State of Oklahoma, but also across the United States and abroad.

The ROGER MILLER MUSEUM is overseen by a Board of Trustees, organized in 2002 for the purpose of promoting and maintaining the museum.  Article 2 of the Trust Agreement states that “the general purposes for which the trust is formed are to operate exclusively for such charitable and educational purposes as will qualify it as an exempt organization under 26 USCA • 501 (c) 3.”   This non-profit status allows the museum to raise and disperse funds at the Board’s discretion.  Trustees serve for life and include civic and business leaders from Erick, and members of the Miller family.  The Trustees are responsible for generating and administering the museum’s budget and overseeing the operations of the facility.  They also have the authority to hire staff or contractors to assist with these duties.

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