Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Sunday, Mar 24, 2019 at 10:00am



10:00am-10:03am: (Introductions)
10:04am-10:11am: Peacemaker-Runtime 7:Min
10:12am-10:18am: Not Your Day-Runtime 6 Min
10:19am-10:34am: Nora-Runtime 16 Min
10:35am-10:53am: Yeehawbanero-Runtime 18 Min
10:54am-11:00am: The Fire Within-Runtime 6 Min
11:01am-11:11am: Q&A Block
11:12am-12:02pm: Six Chairs And A Trunk-Runtime 50 Min
12:03pm-12:05pm: Callmeister-Runtime 2 Min
12:06pm-12:24pm: The Sun-Runtime 18 Min
12:25pm-12:42pm: Desert Rose-Runtime 17 Min
12:43pm-12:51pm: Summer Reading (Some Are Not...)-Runtime 8 Min
12:52pm-1:02pm: Q&A Block
1:03pm-1:07pm: Below Average Brain-Runtime 4 Min
1:08pm-1:17pm: Los Americanos-Runtime 9 Min
1:18pm-1:43pm: Haley's Angel-Runtime 25 Min
1:44pm-1:51pm: Impaired-Runtime 7 Min
1:52pm-1:56pm: Silent Night-Runtime 4 Min
1:57pm-2:07pm: Q&A Block
2:08pm-2:14pm: Get Riel-Runtime 6 Min
2:15pm-2:22pm: Overdue-Runtime 7 Min
2:23pm-2:30pm: Pinay Angel-Runtime 7 Min
2:31pm-2:58pm: Working On Air-Runtime 27 Min
2:59pm-3:03pm: Margo-Runtime 4 Min
3:04pm-3:14pm: Q&A Block
3:15pm-3:42pm: Ridin' Ropin' & Jumpin' Over Cars-Runtime 27 Min
3:43pm-3:59pm: Roses Are Read-Runtime 16 Min
4:00pm-4:18pm: For It Is Written-Runtime 18 Min
4:19pm-4:39pm: Jean-Runtime 20 Min
4:40pm-6:04pm: Little Rose-Runtime 84 Min
6:05pm-6:11pm: No Match-Runtime 6 Min
6:12pm-6:32pm: Q&A Block
6:50pm-7:10pm: Rob Neville 15/20 Minute Stand Up Show
7:12pm-7:50pm: Rob Neville Hosts The Ssuff Award Show
8:00pm-10:00pm: After-Hang At Two Frogs Grill


All Day Sunday ($30)

Weekend Pass ($50)