Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Sunny Side Up Film Festival

Saturday, Mar 23, 2019 at 10:00am



10:00am-10:03am: (Introductions)
10:04am-11:31am: Funny Fat Guy-Runtime 87 Min
11:32am-11:40am: Deadtime Travels-Runtime 8 Min
11:41am-11:58am: Requiem For A Shallow Heart-Runtime 17 Min
11:59am-12:12pm: La Puerta Del Infierno (The Hell's Door} Runtime 13 Min
12:13pm-12:29pm: Draw Your Gun-Runtime 16:00
12:30pm-12:40pm: Q&A Block
12:41pm-12:56pm: When The Music Stops Playing-Runtime 15 Min
12:57pm-1:13pm: Red River-Runtime 16 Min.
1:14pm-1:19pm: Heroes Are Forever-Runtime 5 Min
1:20pm-1:30pm: Hearse Buddies-Runtime 10 Min
1:31pm-2:58pm: Down And Yonder-Runtime 87 Min
2:59pm-3:09pm: Q&A Block
3:10pm-3:17pm: Cattastrophe-Runtime 7 Min
3:18pm-3:28pm: Them-Runtime 10 Min
3:29pm-3:30pm: Pee Free Pool-Runtime 1 Min
3:31pm-3:57pm: New Mexico Rain: The Story Of Bill & Bonnie Hearne- Runtime 26 Min
3:58pm-4:08pm: Q&A Block
4:09pm-4:43pm: Moon Crossing-Runtime 34 Min
4:44pm-5:03pm: West End-Runtime 19 Min
5:04pm-5:20pm: Tea Time With Mr. Patterson-Runtime 16min
5:21pm-5:36pm: Running On Indian Time-Runtime 15 Min
5:37pm-5:47pm: The Highway-Runtime 10 Min
5:48pm-5;59pm: A Gold Star Father-Runtime 11 Min
6:00pm-6:15pm: Q&A Block
6:16pm-6:21pm: Scavenger-Runtime 5 Min
6:22pm-7:50pm: Caretakers-Runtime 88 Min
7:51pm-7:56pm: The Smiling Strangers-Runtime 5 Min
7:57pm-8:12pm: El Encargo (The Request)-Runtime 15 Min
8:13pm-9:36pm: Beneath-A Cave Horror Film-Runtime 83 Min
9:37pm-9:46pm: Death Mask For Dada-Runtime 9 Min
9:47pm-9:57pm: (Q&A Block)


10am - 4pm Saturday ($15)
4pm - 10pm Saturday ($15)
All Day Saturday ($25)
Weekend Pass ($50)