Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Saturday, May 29, 2021 from 10:30am to 6:00pm


The Castle invites one and all to join the festivities of the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival! Step back into 1569 England to experience the royal quest for knighthood, a full-contact Jousting Tournament, Birds of Prey exhibitions and travelling Acrobats! Each weekend, her Majesty will declare a theme to honor the visiting Kings. We look forward to celebrating the joyous return of the festival this upcoming month of May. The patrons of Castleton have been sorely missed through this year of plague. The Castle has updated protocols to ensure your safety, so that we may convene and commence in merriment once again. HUZZAH!

Theme Weekend: Imperial Weekend - Charles II of the Holy Roman Empire

Journey to an age of kings, queens, and knights in shining armor. Be mesmerized as magicians, jugglers, musicians, dancers, acrobats, and jousters thrill and delight you on any of our 15 Stages.

Charles II of the Holy Roman Empire:

Guten Tag! We raise our steins and prepare for the arrival of his Imperial Majesty Charles II. This is the festival's three-day celebration over Memorial Day Weekend. Queen Elizabeth is delighted to secure this alliance, so we look forward to a beautiful weekend of Oktoberfest level fun. Monday is the Memorial Day Parade, an event not to be missed. In honor of those who have fallen, this is a festival staple that provides a day of reverence in honor of our soldiers, beautiful photo ops and an emotional occasion unlike any other of the festival.

Friends of Festival:

Join our year-round community of Festival aficionados and receive discounts, additional tickets, and special access to Castleton magic!

Step back in time and enjoy the wonderment of a day in Renaissance England, right here in Oklahoma!


Quench your thirst and tantalize your taste buds with the wonderful varieties of food and drink found throughout Castleton. Stroll through the World Trade Market with over 140 Artisans displaying unique wares and beautiful creations.

Special Events:

Take the wee ones to the Children’s Realm for games and hands-on demonstrations and then pick a side -English or Scottish- in our Royal Quest! Show your best garb in the costume contest at 2 pm inside the Castle Keepe. Make plans for the Masque Ball! Click on the Program Book below to see a schedule of events for the day!

Outside Food and Drink:

There are numerous options to select from inside. If you have dietary restrictions, we encourage you to email info@okcastle.com for a list of suggestions for your pallet. You may also inquire to anyone wearing a 2021 medallion on site. They shall be delighted to assist.

Festival Day Special Events:

Queen's Tea:

Guests of all ages shall enjoy a formal dining experience with Her Royal Majesty and her ladies in waiting. Tea is held each festival day at 2 pm. The Royal Baker, Archibald Leowan features weekly specials of sandwiches, desserts and festive brews. Special guests pop in throughout the show to play a tune, show off their craft or tell a joke. A wonderful afternoon treat for all ages. Tables are $50 for up to 6 seats and may be purchased online or on a show day through the ticket booth until noon.

King's Smoker:

An adult playland of bawdy jokes and songs. 21+ may join their favorite ladies of the Scarlet Pillow or the dashing buccaneers of the Harbor over drinks and cigars. Each ticket comes with a drink ticket, a pin, and a cigar.

$15 on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets may be purchased online or during the festival at the ticket booth until noon and at the Cave from that point on.

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