The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Oklahoma!

If you love puzzle games and enjoy problem solving, put your skills to the test at one of Oklahoma’s awesome escape rooms. With a group of friends, you’re given an allotted amount of time to navigate your way out of these themed rooms. Whether it’s just for fun or for a team-building activity, check out these 10 escape rooms in Oklahoma!   

1. The Sanctuary Escape, Oklahoma City, OK

This family-friendly escape room has two different games. Discover the treasure in the “Lost Dutchman’s Mine” or work for the “Family” in La Famiglia. You have an hour to solve the puzzle. Kids under age 14 are welcome but need to be accompanied by an adult. 

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2. Key Quest Escape Room, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK

You’ll find three different themes at this escape room in northwest OKC. The Cellar is recommended for ages 16 and up, but the other two themes are great for the entire family. Solve a puzzle to get out of detention early or to find the vandals who stole your vacation plans. Key Quest has a location in Tulsa as well.  

3. The Escape, Tulsa, OK

Pretend you’re a spy in the “Conquered Embassy,” or put on your deerstalker and solve a mystery in the “Uptown Murder.” Up to seven friends can join in at this escape room that offers four different themes. 

4. Hochatown Escape Games, Broken Bow, OK

You can pretend to be an ATF agent who has to defuse a bomb at this escape room in southeast Oklahoma. Another room offers a higher difficulty as you find the antidote for “Cabin Fever.” If you’re vacationing near Beavers Bend, keep this place in mind for a break from the sun.

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5. Baker Street Escapes, Oklahoma City, OK

At Baker Street Escapes up to 10 people can join in the fun. They offer three different themed rooms that take about an hour to solve. But the coolest thing is the “Solo Escape Game” that takes just five minutes. While you’re waiting for your table at one of the nearby restaurants, you can try out an escape game. 

6. Cracked Norman, Norman, OK

This escape room is located on Campus Corner, making it easy to find. It’s the only one in Norman. Follow their social media accounts for specials and new rooms. 

7. Clue Quest, Edmond, OK

At Clue Quest, you can step back in time to the days of Pharaoh, enjoy a modern game room or solve the story of star-crossed lovers. You get a prize if you make it out in under an hour. 

8. Twisted Escape Rooms, Lawton, OK

This game room has two themes for players of all ages. In the first, you wake up in “The Asylum.” It’s rated PG-13 for its macabre theme. The second theme is a bit tamer, but also rated PG-13. You have 60 minutes to prove you’re right for the job.

9. Escape Hatch, Bixby, OK

In a scenario a little too close to home for Oklahomans, in one of the rooms at Escape Hatch, your team must find your way out of the room to turn on the backup generator after an ice storm knocks out all the power. They have a total of four rooms. In another room, you become the villain as you try to crack the safe and grab the cash before getting caught. 

10. Top Secret Escape Games, Moore, OK

You’ll find four different themes at this escape room, rated from easy to hard. It also has special themes for Halloween and Christmas. The easiest game is where you must find a treasure, while the hardest game is an escape from the “Insane Asylum.” 

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